what to Expect at newlife

We realize that meeting new people and going to a new place can be a little intimidating, but you'll find that the people here are normal like you; full of questions, dealing with life, raising children, working through the week and finding their purpose.

At Newlife you can expect:

  • to be greeted by friendly people
  • a casual dress style - just dress like you
  • that if you have questions, we can help with some answers
  • to find a church full of imperfect people
  • for our service to last about 90 minutes
  • for your kids to have a safe, age appropriate place to learn & grow
  • our service to begin with singing and music
  • times of personal and corporate prayer (you won't be singled out)
  • that we encourage everyone to be a giver
  • to be encouraged to find a small group to connect with
  • communion to be served on the 4th Sunday of each month
  • a Bible based message that will give you tools & encouragement to live out your faith
  • to fill out a Connect Card so we can meet you, buy you a beverage & show you around if you choose roundedaddme