what to Expect at newlife

We realize that meeting new people and going to a new place can be a little intimidating, but you will find that the people here are normal like you; full of questions, dealing with life, raising children, working through the week and finding their purpose.

When you arrive at Newlife you can expect:

  • to be greeted by friendly people
  • a casual dress style - just dress like you
  • that if you have questions, we can help with some answers
  • to find a church full of imperfect people
  • for our service to last about 90 minutes
  • for your kids to have a safe, age appropriate place to learn & grow
  • our service to begin with singing and music
  • times of personal and corporate prayer (you won't be singled out)
  • that we will encourage everyone to be a giver
  • communion to be served on the 4th Sunday of each month
  • a Bible based message that will give you tools & encouragement to live out your faith

If you have questions

We understand if you have question.  All kinds.  It's normal.  Please ask us and we may not have all the answers but we can partner together to get headed in the right direction.  Don't assume that everyone has life figured out, or that everyone is doing just fine.  We are just imperfect people following Jesus and learning along the way. That means there is an abundance of grace for all, even those who feel like they may not fit in, don't know enough, aren't good enough, or don't fully believe everything the Bible says.  That's alright with us.  For us, it's about being connected, not being right or perfect.  It's about caring for others in times of need.  It's about realizing we all need hope, grace and people around us - some to point the way, some to encourage us, some to caution us and some to love us when we fail - again!

So, do you have questions?  You can contact us here & let's see what we can learn together roundedemail