Mission & Vision

Where are we going and how do we get there are important questions for our faith, and our church.

We believe that clear, biblical and sustainable values are key to a strong, healthy church.

We also believe that our journey must be focused on Jesus and His values, not current or cultural trends.  Not sure yet if you believe in Jesus but want to know more?  Perfect!  We invite you to join us and find some answers & faith along the way.  Want to join us on Jesus' mission?  Cross

  • OUR MISSION | to lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus.  
  • OUR VISION  | LOVE God & others; SERVE God & others; CELEBRATE God & others.
  • OUR STRATEGY | living out our faith in tangible and practical ways.  We are called and sent people; on a mission to bring hope, love and reconciliation to the world around us.