next steps

On our faith journey, as in life, we need to progress toward a goal, toward maturity.  We believe this doesn't come intuitively or happen overnight. We are dedicated to helping others find their faith and lead them into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Below are some of the basic Next Steps a person can take. But if you want to know where you are on your journey, we invite you to sign up & discover who you are, how you're made and what to do with that info.

So, what's your next step?  Use this link to sign up for Next Steps  Shoe Prints

  • follow jesus

    Before you think or worry about knowing everything or anything, the first step is to make a personal decision to follow Jesus.  That's what He asked of the people He encountered - "Follow Me" and they did!  You can make this important first step in your faith by asking Jesus to be your personal Savior, and then follow Him - by realigning your lifestyle, choices, actions, finances, all of it, slowly but surely until your life follows the path & plan of Jesus.  Need help or have questions  circleemail

  • Begin Reading The Bible

    The Bible is a great and important way to begin to understand who Jesus is by reading what He said, how He did things and what interactions He had with others.  Our suggestion is to start in John, since this describes in detail who Jesus was and is.  You can find a great app for your phone called youversion bible app in your app store.  Check it out or come see us & we would be overjoyed to get you your own Bible.

  • Get Baptized In Water

    Getting baptized in water is a step we take when we have made the commitment to follow Jesus publicly, not just a prayer or a trying to see if Jesus is for you.  This wonderful, practical and biblical act is something Jesus told us to do.  It does not save us, but it is what saved people do to obey the teachings of Jesus.  Want to sign up for water baptism  Hot Tub

  • Receive the holy spirit

    This wonderful step forward in our faith is a promise from Jesus that we receive the moment we yield to and start following Jesus.  While there are many views on this, the Bible is very clear about this.  Check it out  Bible

  • join the mission

    The mission Jesus gave to all who follow Him has two main components: (1) Love God & love others and (2) Go into all the world and make disciples... teaching them to obey all that I have commanded.  That is our mission at Newlife and as followers of Jesus.  You are invited to live this out in your daily routines, workplace, school, family gatherings, wherever we encounter others.  Have questions  Question Circle

  • Choose community

    We believe that we're better together!  It's not always easy, but God made us for community.  He spent a lot of time talking and teaching about the importance of relationships with others.  We find that the best way to get to know others is in small groups where we can ask, learn, grow and be cared for.  Jesus surrounded himself with a small group - so He set the template for us.  

    Want info on our groups  Users

  • Give Generously

    This one is always "tricky" as it is often misunderstood.  The New Testament teaches throughout that we are to be givers as a lifestyle.  The Old Testament teaches that when we tithe (give 10% of our income) that God removes the curse of greed, covetousness and selfishness (things that devour our money) and allows our finances to be blessed and to be a blessing to others (another biblical teaching).  Want to know more or want to start giving now?  roundedcash