What is Good Friday?  

Good Friday is the Friday before "Easter" when we commemorate the betrayal, accusation, trial and  crucifixtion of Jesus Christ. 

Through His sacrifice he became a substitute for all mankind, taking on himself the burden and punishment of sin and death so that we wouldn't have to.

You can read about this in the Gospel of John 18:1-19:42

Why Do We Celebrate Good Friday?

It may seem odd to celebrate something so brutal and graphic, but the death of Jesus Christ on the cross is the event that changed the course of humankind.  In that moment, he took our place on the cross, to be judged, humilated and punished for all of our sins. It broke the curse of sin and death for all who will believe and gave us freedom, a new identity and access to what is called "God's throne of grace" in the scriptures.

While this is not a celebration as much as a somber commemoration, we want to set time aside to think through, appreciate and remember all that has been done for us, just like many do on Memorial Day or other "holidays" that relate to sacrifice and freedom.

We hope you will join us and be part of our faith community gathering for such a wonderful and powerful sacrifice.

Our Good Friday service is on March 29th at 6:00 pm.  You're Invited!