21 Days of Fasting & Prayer

At Newlife we encourage our faith family to join us in 21 days of fasting & prayer.  This is an annual time of corporate fasting, prayer and focus.  This year our focus is on "Hearing God's Voice" as we determine to quiet our lives, minds and schedules to allow God to retune our ears to hear His voice clearly.  There are many ways to fast and pray and we have listed some of the common ways below.

  • Timing of the fast

    We begin January 2nd - 23rd. We hope you begin with us, but you can jump in at your pace.  This isn't about following rules, but rather putting God first in our lives and learning self-discipline that will bring good reward later.  Bible

  • Weekly Reading & prayer

    Week One         

    Prayer Focus - Family

    Week Two       

    Prayer Focus - Church/Faith

    Week Three      

    Prayer Focus - Our Nation

  • The Basics of fasting

    1. Complete Fast - this is when you consume only liquids, usually water or light juice as an option.
    2. Selective Fast - this is when you remove certain things from your diet.  A Daniel fast is an example where you choose to abstain from meats, sweets & treats.
    3. Partial Fast - this is sometimes called a Jewish Fast and involves abstaining from food during select parts of the day, such as 6:00 am to 6:00 pm or dawn to dusk.
    4. Soul Fast - this is a good fast if you have not fasted food before or have a medical condition that precludes you from fasting food.  It involves removing things from your life that keep you out of balance or unhealthy such as social media, TV, sarcasm, anything that you know you could & should have less of in your life.

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