Why Small Groups?

As much as we love gathering with the whole church for corporate worship, there is something powerfully unique and transformative about a gathering in a living room, small classroom or around a dining room table that forces us to think differently than when we're in a big room for worship.  We believe there isn't a more important ministry in the life of our church than our small groups.  They are that important.

Our Answer For Why Small Groups:

  1. Connection - we all want personal connection.  We are hard-wired to be in relationships with other people.  With a digital world, we hear about connection, but digital connection isn't life-giving or personal.  We all need a life giving group of people as we journey through life.
  2. Care - each church and person and their design is different but everyone wants to feel cared for.  We can't be all things to all people, but we will value caring for those around us - not just at church, but in every area of life.  We need to care for and be cared for.
  3. Commitment - without connecting to others and being cared for there will be no commitment.  But we commit to finding relevant ways to connect and care for others so that we create a community of connected, caring, committed people.  This is what Jesus did and it changed the world; so can we!

We All Need A Next Step

Everyone needs to know what the next thing to do is, so we can continue to grow and mature in Christ and our daily relationships.

We want to see you connected, committed and cared for, so we've designed a system to help guide you to the next step on your journey of faith.

If you are wondering what your next step is, we believe that small groups is the best place to start.  If you are already connected but looking for more then just look below and find where you feel you are now and then look to see what you next step can be.

If you would like some assistance in deciding your next step click the icon

What's Your Next Step?

Follow Jesus

This is the first and most important step in your journey of faith.Knowing who you are following, where you are heading and how to get there is vital to having a growing and maturing faith.

Jesus is not only the One to follow, but He is worth knowing personally.  This happens when we take a bold step and decide to act - to realize we don't have it all together, that we don't have it our life figured out, that we will confess our need for a Savior.

If you need help with this click the icon and let us know

Read Your Bible

Now that you've started a relationship with God, you need to get to know Him.  The Bible is God's plan, will and love letter to us.  It reveals His desire for us to have abundant lives, be interconnected to Him & others as well as directs us in our interactions with the world around us.

You can download youversion from your phone app store or get a hard copy Bible.  We suggest you start reading in John, maybe just 10 minutes a day and then move on to Romans.

Need guidance

Water baptism

The next step on your journey is to set a time to get baptized in water.  Jesus set the example for us and says that we should be baptized like he was.

Baptism does not save you, it is just what saved people do.

If you want to set up a time to discuss this or get on the schedule for the next water baptism, then click here

principles of church life

This teaching material is a great place to get your basic understanding of why we do what we do and why we believe what we believe.

With great biblical examples and practical ways to live out our faith as a follower of Jesus Christ, this is a foundational book with proven results that will make a difference in your life.

This is a large, multi-page download with answer key at the end of the teaching for each lesson.

Download this teaching

get in the game

We have some great resources for you here!  We believe every person should be off the bench and in the game with us.

In these resources you can find out:

  • Your spiritual gifting
  • Your personality type
  • How you can be a member
  • What ministry team to serve on
  • Who we are as a church
  • Download the PDF

join the mission

Once you have completed Get In The Game then there is no better time to get involved than now!  Come serve with us.  One of the best ways to grow your faith is to get involved in serving others; kids, adults, teens, our community or globally.

Even if you're not sure where to start, there is room for everyone to start interacting with others and find the joy and fulfillment of volunteering to serve together in the mission.

To start the process stop by the Coffee Shop and fill out the "Sign Me Up" card or contact one of our pastors to assist you.

Here are some resources on how to live on mission.

Bring a friend

When you discover a new restaurant or a new app what's the first thing you do?  You tell a friend right?  Well, we believe, life, faith and church is better with friends.  Don't keep the good news to yourself.  We encourage you to text, call or personally invite your friends and family to join you for one of our weekend services or to listen online through our website or app.

You can also drop by the Coffee Shop and pick up some invite cards to hand to your friends, family or co-workers.

choose community

Everyone needs a place to belong.  In a church with several hundred people it's easy to feel overlooked, alone or anonymous - so we determine to get small as we grow.  This means we have to intentionally connect with others in a smaller group than Sunday morning.

  • Coffee & Conversation 9:30 a.m. Sunday at the Coffee Shop
  • Small Groups are available off campus at various times & location - get more info here
  • Wednesday night is great if you're not ready to jump into a small group yet - more info

give generously

Newlife is full of generous people.  When you commit to give you become part of the mission of leading others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Have you ever noticed there are no inspiring stories about greed or people just accumulating material stuff?  But there are 1000's of inspiring stories of sacrifice.  We've noticed that too.  Since the beginning, there has been generous people in our church who faithful give 10% of the income to push the mission forward locally, nationally and globally.  Will you be one of the faithful who sacrifice and commit to the huge mission of Newlife?

You can give right now   and then determine to be a consistent giver via or website or on the app.