Not a bill, but a privilege

At Newlife we have so many generous people that give sacrificially to advance our mission of leading others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our giving is not about religious duty or paying the bills, but rather something bigger than ourselves - something eternal and important.

When you give at Newlife you are helping feed people in our community.  You are sharing the gospel in the jail.  You are providing hope and comfort at Community House.  You are providing clothes for over 300 families a week.  You are making a difference at Caring Pregnancy Center.  You are giving orphans joy and school supplies in Guatemala; helping relocate Jews to their homeland in Israel; helping poor mothers with their babies in the Philippines; ministering compassion to people in the Congo; helping teach grace, peace and hope through our missionaries to Islamic countries, and sending teams around the globe with the Jesus Project.

You see, it's not a bill or a duty - but a wonderful, incredible privilege that God has given us to make an impact in places we will probably never go and change the lives of people we won't meet this side of heaven.

What do you say?  Is today the day you start making a forever difference in someone else's life?