next steps resources

Not only do we all need a next step, but we also need to know what to do with that next step.  We have a list of links/resources to help you along your journey of discovery & maturity.

  • Following Jesus

    This is the first & most important of all the steps.  Missing or bypassing this step throws everything else out of alignment and results in confusion, discouragement and loss.

    Here is a link to help you with this important step

  • reading & Understanding The Bible

    Your next step after following Jesus is to understand who He is, what He wants for you, from you and aligning your life with His will - which is found within His Word (the Bible).

    We suggest starting with The Gospel of John, then the rest of the Gospels, then Romans and the other letters to believers (Corinthinas, Ephesians etc.  Cherck out these links for more on how to read & understand the Bible Book Reader   Glasses   book

  • Spiritual Life

    Following Jesus & reading your Bible are great starting step, but they are only the beginning of an incredible journey toward discovery, and maturity.  There are various links to important waypoints that we need to engage & align with to keep on the path of following Jesus and being transformed.

    Alternate Fire    Comments Dollar    Fruit Apple    Gifts    Praying Hands    

  • Connecting

    One of the incredible truths of following Jesus is that we are designed for community.  Jesus was focused on pleasing God & helping others.  We believe that one of the best ways to develop our faith & maturity is to be part of a smaller group than our Sunday worship service.  Users

  • serving

    Jesus himself said that he didn;'t come to be served, but to serve.  Part of our discovery and maturity is being others focused by finding a place within our family of faith or in our community to serve  leaf