Growth Resources

Learning & growing in your faith is essential for our development & maturity.

If you don't know where to start or where to turn just start here and if you have questions email

You can also check out our Next Steps page here Walking

  • The Bible project

    This short video will help you begin your journey and explain some of the interesting aspects of what we call the Bible.  Click on the Bible project pic to watch the video & then maybe watch the series.

  • Get The youversion app

    The youversion bible app is easily downloadable and free to any of your devices.  It's a great tool to use so that you have the Bible with you at all times and can use the search feature to help find what you're looking for.  Click the pic to find out how to download the app.

  • The Gospel of John

    We believe that if you want to know who Jesus is, read the stories of the people who actually lived with him and heard what he said and how he lived.  The book of John is a great place to begin.  Click the pic to start reading online or go to the youversion app on your phone.

  • Daily devotional (a passage of scripture with a story)

    Daily devotionals are just part of what we call "holy habits" that help us develop the right focus, values and understanding of the Bible, our relationships and the world around us.  Click the pic for today's devotion.

  • Spiritual gifts test

    While the name implies a test, there's no right or wrong answers, only indicators of what may be your spiritual leanings so that you will know how to deploy your gifts to assist others.  Click the pic to take the test.  Once you've taken the test we would enjoy hearing what your results were - share them with us here roundedemail