Our Mission & Vision

Is simple and biblical - lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ (making disciples).

We believe this is a life-long process of following and maturing in Jesus Christ.  We realize that this doesn't happen overnight and is best done in the context of relationship - first with Jesus Christ and then with others of common faith.  Simply, this means we follow the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament to have a closer relationship with Jesus and others.

We have a vision of seeing everyone love God & others, serve God and others and celebrate God and others in all aspects of their lives.

Our Mission & Vision isn't about us - it's about you and the rest of the world.  To see more on this click here

Our Values

We have found that every organization and every church has a culture of its own.  Our values help guide us as we accomplish our mission. We also ask questions that help us embrace our values.

  • Committed - Am I committed to advancing our mission, vision and strategy?
  • Connected - Am I finding ways to connect with others in a small group?
  • Caring - Am I investing in and caring for those around me?

If you want to know where you can commit, connect and start caring just email us