Our Mission & Vision

Is simple and biblicallead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ (making disciples).

We believe this is a life-long process of following and maturing in Jesus Christ. Because this process is best in the context of close relationships, we take ministry personally here.  Our faith becomes personal when it's practiced, not just talked about.  It's difficult to be personal in a crowd - you can only be personal in person, so we focus on making healthy, life-giving relationships with God and others.

We take it to a personal level by asking 5 guiding questions:

  • Do you know my name? - we want to identify people in a way that communicates value.
  • Do you know where I live? - we need to take the time to understand someone's everyday context.
  • Do you know what matters to me? - we want to discover someone's interests to validate their worth.
  • Do you know what I've done? - we want to respond to others in a way that replaces shame with hope.
  • Do you know what I can do? - we want to believe in someone's potential to live a remarkable story.

We take this personally because everybody needs somebody to see them like Jesus sees them!

Our Values

We have found that every organization and every church has a culture of its own.  Our values help guide us as we accomplish our mission. We also ask questions that help us embrace our values.

  • Committed - Am I committed to advancing our mission, vision and strategy?
  • Connected - Am I finding ways to connect with others in all areas of life?
  • Caring - Am I investing in and caring for those around me?

If you want to know where you can commit, connect and start caring just email us