We highly value relationship.  Our relationships with God & others builds our faith, directs our path and points toward our future.  Groups are places to learn, grow, share, be cared for and have accountability.

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The Chosen video series

This session, many of our groups are viewing and discussing a series called THE CHOSEN.

This series is a "behind the scenes" look at he life of Jesus and his disciples.  It does not follow step by step through scripture, but rather gives the human emotions, encounters and hope of how people interact with Jesus in real life.

For information on how to get involved in a Chosen group scroll down to see where & when our groups are meeting.

If you would like to watch THE CHOSEN on your own, you can see it for free by downloading the app to your phone.

GROUP info

We encourage you to find a smaller group to get involved with because we realize that relationship and discipleship are difficult to develop during our regular Sunday times of worship and teaching.

  • Tim & Deder - 2nd & 4th Sundays at 5:00 pm

    for students 13-18 yrs old | Chosen series

    We meet at 1002 N. 20th Ave in Kelso  map

  • ted & bernie - 2nd & 4th sundays at 12:30 pm

    for 50 yrs & older | CHOSEN SERIES

    We meet at 5309 Oriole Dr. in Longview  map

  • josh & heidi - 1st & 3rd Fridays at 5:30 pm

    open to all | CHOSEN SERIES

    We meet at 2441 42nd Ave in Longview  map

  • sally - 1st & 3rd Sundays at 5:00 pm

    for women | CHOSEN SERIES

    We meet at 2441 42nd Ave in Longview  map

  • lisa - 1st & 3rd fridays at 6:00 pm

    for middle school age | "Defined" Based on Overcomer

    We meet at 4220 Olive Way in Longview  map

  • mel & sheila - 2nd & 4th sundays at 5:30 pm

    for retired age | CHOSEN SERIES

    We meet at 24029 Deer Hill Road in Clatskanie  map

  • Tony & melissa - each sunday at 5:00 pm

    open to all | CHOSEN SERIES

    We meet at 2441 42nd Ave in Longview mapCome join us & bring a snack to share.

  • Men's bible study - monday nights at 6:30  map

    Small group Bible discussion for men to learn, grow and build relationships with others.  We meet at 2441 42nd Ave  map

  • The Book of acts - wednesday nights at 7:00  map

    If you aren't sure about being part of a small group, maybe Wednesday night is for you.  We have a discussion setting to learn & grow from each other as we discuss segments from the video.

    Come early to grab some coffee and chat before we start.