About Us

It's importanbt to know who the people are and what they believe at a church you're interested in.

We are a growing family of imperfect people, living out our faith in our community, homes, work places, and schools.

We are multi-generational; lots of kids, young families, all the way through retirement age.

We are a body of Jesus followers that believe the New Testament is a great template for our lives.

Our mission is to lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus and others.

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Community Focused

We highly value relationship and we want to build strong, meaningful relationships within our church and our community through acts of service, kindness and compassion.

We also want to develop real relationships with the people who are our neighbors, classmates and co-workers because Jesus loved others so well and we want to follow His example.

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Newlife - but not new ministry

The ministry of Newlife has been around since the 1930's where it was started in a home and grew from there. We have had many locations through the years, but remain focused on Jesus. We have been at our current location for over 30 years and we are so thankful for the many people who have been part of our history, ministry and family along the way.  While we have old roots, we try to be relevant and practical in how we meet the needs, changes and patterns of people today.

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We believe that the Bible is a dynamic book containing history, struggles, miracles, poetry, social issues, and incredible truth that can guide our lives, change our hearts, minds and futures if we let it.

Our leadership, ministry and worship structures are based on New Testament examples that provide accountability, freedom and God-honoring focus.

We don't allow the shifting cultural trends, agendas or politics to guide who we are or what our goals are; so we see the Bible as being our source of truth, hope, security and authority.

What we believe  Bible

Who we are?

Who we are is not as important as who we follow.  We believe we can live incredible, blessed, adventurous, stable, inspiring lives by following the teachings of Jesus and Scriptural principles.

We don't believe that life and church should be separate; in fact we find that the more they overlap the stronger our faith, the deeper our roots, the more evident our love and the better our relationships become.

To find our more about Newlife, browse our site, contact us or even better, join us Sunday morning at 10:00.