What Are Life Groups?

A Life Groups is really just the term we use for a small group of people who gather together in the same place, whether it be a class or a home to build relationship with others and with God.  They may be based on a book to study, a common interest, a meal or an activity, but the purpose is to find a community of others to be known by, share with, and build a healthy relationship with.

Why Life Groups?

Part of our purpose here at Newlife is to build healthy relationships and we believe that its important for everyone to discover a place to connect and grow.  We were never created to "do life" alone, so we have Life Groups so that people can build community, which a vital part of a healthy faith in Christ.

We believe that Life groups are one of the best places to foster significant relationships and growth with each other.  They provided a great way to connect with a smaller group of people so that you don't get lost in the crowd.  People are brought together by topics/interests, activities, meals and fellowship.  Life Groups are a safe place to be known, encouraged, celebrated and challenged.  The format and atmosphere of each Life Group will be different depending on the leaders and the people in the group, but they all exist to help people connect with each other and with God.